Found: The Unflattering Bra Mistakes You Might Be Making

Here in the fashion world, we're accustomed to thinking of clothing as something that has the power to ultimately flatter the wearer—or, well, to not flatter her. The clothes you wear can help you present the best version of yourself, but they can harm that image just as much. And it turns out, your undies might are no exception.

We sat down to chat with Michelle Lam, bra maven and founder of lingerie brand True & Co., who shared her incomparable wisdom about how your bra might be making you look sizes larger than you are. To be clear—we're not speaking out here against large-ness, but rather we want to empower you to choose undergarments that make you look as fabulous as you feel when you wear them.

Keep scrolling to see what Lam had to say about how your bra might be making you look larger than you really are.