I Hate to Say It, But This Expensive Serum Actually Does Work

A huge perk of being a beauty editor is getting test new launches and get my hands on cult products beauty insiders and celebrities are raving about. That means sometimes I'm sent £205 moisturisers to test, while other times it might be a £6 eye cream. And while I won't write anything off based on cost alone, products with a huge price tag can be a little off-putting.

Sure, I always feel incredibly lucky to have been given the chance to try a pricey beauty product, but I don't believe you should have to spend the earth in order to get amazing skin or to find a lipstick that lasts all day. So I have to say that I'm almost loathed to admit that I've recently fallen head over heels for a new face serum—one that comes with a £116 price tag. Gulp.

I'd always heard great things about IS Clinical. Beauty editors and A-listers swear by the magic of the brand's cult Clinical Fire and Ice Resurfacing Facial for achieving a red carpet glow, and the brand touts celebrities like Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Shay Mitchell as fans. However, I was yet to get my hands on anything until I tried Rosie HW's full skincare routine for a week. And as part of her routine, Rosie used IS Clinical's Super Serum.

Rosie attributes her discovery of IS Clinical to celebrity facialist Shani Darden, who recommended not one but two serums from the brand. "Pro-Heal (£113) has been really good to me when I've had acne," explained Huntington-Whiteley in her YouTube video. "When [Shani and I] first started working with each other, my skin was not great. She put me on Active Serum for the evening and then Pro-Heal for the day, and that really, really helped. I've loved their products ever since."

As someone who's either dealing with active blemishes caused by hormonal acne or the scarring and pigmentation left behind after a breakout, I definitely had high hopes when trying IS Clinical's Super Serum—especially considering the high price point and Rosie's seal of approval. I have to say, though, that I've been totally blown away by the results within just a few weeks of using it.

iS Clinical Super Serum: Mica Ricketts before using the serum



I'm wearing foundation and concealer in both of these photos, but within just six weeks, I've been so impressed with how much more smooth and even my skin texture is. The redness and discolouration caused by blemishes have also been reduced, and my skin looks much more radiant. For me, now that I've tried it, I would happily part with the £116 for a fresh bottle. (Sorry, bank account.)

If you want to know a little more about the science before committing to the purchase, here's the lowdown: It contains 15% L-ascorbic acid—a highly potent form of vitamin C that's renowned for brightening skin and diminishing pigmentation. It also contains skin-repairing vitamins A and E, which stimulate collagen production and repair damage. Basically, it's a great all-rounder serum that will work to calm acne-prone breakouts, minimise scarring, diminish fine lines and plump the skin.

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