Girl on the Rise: Meet Sofia Black D'Elia

Whether it’s undoing a terrible fashion choice or reliving a memorable moment, going back in time is something you’ve probably thought about on more than one occasion. Actress Sofia Black D’Elia can relate—sort of. The brunette beauty stars in this month’s sci-fi adventure film Project Almanac, out today. In the movie, she and a group of friends build a time machine hoping to alter past events. Off-screen, however, D’Elia admits she wouldn’t change a thing, especially when it comes to her standout resume, which includes a breakout performance on the MTV series Skins, a part on the final season of Gossip Girl (as Nate’s love interest, no less), and an exciting role in the 2016 Ben-Hur remake (more on that later). We caught up with D’Elia to talk about her career, the one event she wouldn’t mind experiencing over again, and more.