So True: A Hilarious Look at Los Angeles Stereotypes

How does one really make it in Hollywood? Erin and Sara Foster, daughters of Grammy winning producer David Foster, want to show you—sort of! In their new docu-style scripted series Barely Famous, premiering tonight on VH1 at 9:30pm, the sisters portray, well, sisters desperately trying to make it in the industry, while sending up some of Los Angeles’s most notorious stereotypes. The show dishes up some serious laughs, as the girls poke fun at themselves, reality television, and the world of celebrity—note: Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie, and Ashley Benson make cameos. In the spirit of the witty sitcom, we invited Erin and Sara into our studio to spoof their favourite L.A. clichés, from the Venice hipster to the Brentwood yoga mum, and chat all things Hollywood. Keep reading for our exclusive story. 

Venice Hipster


Justin Coit

Where did the inspiration for Barely Famous come from?
Erin: The inspiration is really similar to this photo shoot, which is people sort of being fake, and phony, and ridiculous, and hypocritical in L.A. I think the whole world probably at this point has a good idea of L.A. culture because of social media, the tabloids, and paparazzi. You see celebrities intimately and can see a couple portraying their love story as perfect, and then they serve each other divorce papers six days later. Nothing is what it seems, so we really wanted to do a comedy that played with all the stereotypes in L.A., and we wanted to embody those stereotypes. Sara’s character is an actress who exaggerates her success in an attempt to stay relevant. My character claims to be really normal and a homebody, when secretly she loves Hollywood and celebrities and wants to hook up with some D-lister. We looked around us and found a lot of humour in what we saw.

Of the four stereotypes featured today, which one(s) do you align with most?
Erin: For you, it’s probably Brentwood yoga mum, right?
Sara: I mean it’s a toss-up, because I still go to clubs. (laughs)
Erin: Sara goes to a club once a year and makes sure everyone knows about it.
Sara: I’m definitely not a hipster.
Erin: I think you’re mostly like a Brentwood mum, because you love to wear workout clothes.
Sara: I get dressed in my workout clothes even if I have no intention of working out, so I guess I would go with that, but like a little mix of the club, because I still love a club and an In-N-Out Burger.
Erin: I would like to say I am most like a hipster, because I want to be a hipster. I am too much of a basic bitch to be a real hipster, but I would die for someone to think I was one. 

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Brentwood Yoga Mum


Justin Coit

Playing off Erin’s hilarious video “Sh*t Juicers Say,” what would each of today’s stereotypes be known to say?
Sara: Hipster would be like, “Leave me alone I’m reading.”
Erin: Hipster is definitely like, “Have you seen the new show at LACMA?” The Brentwood mum is like, “I’m so busy today.”
Sara: “I have so much going on, I don’t know how to deal.”
Erin: And her routine for the day is: get a juice, get a mani, go to the gym, have lunch with someone, then have coffee with someone, check in with the nanny, and drinks at The Polo Lounge. And then the club kid would say, “I never go out.”
Sara: “I’m only going out, because it’s my friend’s birthday.”
Erin: “I’m such a homebody.” They don’t like to club, but then they walk into the club and are like, “Hey, Albert!”
Sara: I’ve got the TV actress: “Oh, I’m just going to a meeting.” You mean you’re going to an audition?

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever read about yourselves?
Sara: I once read that I was on a date at Nobu with Matt Damon.
Erin: Did you leak that, because that would be dope!
Sara: This was before he was married, such a long time ago, and I legit had never met him. I think at the time I was hosting some stupid show, but remember thinking, “Cool.”
Erin: I dated this guy and this girl really liked him, but then he started dating me, and so she didn’t like me. She worked for a tabloid, and so when I went out with some friends one night, it came out that I was making out with Ryan Phillippe at a club, and I had never met him. To this day I’ve never met him, and I had definitely not met him at that point, but she planted some story just so my boyfriend would dump me. He didn’t believe it though.

Speaking of celebrity hookups, who is your current Hollywood crush?
Sara: Right now I find that Lady Gaga fiancé [Taylor Kinney] really good looking.
Erin: Charlie Hunnam for me.

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TV Actress


Justin Coit

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done on a date?
Erin: Oh my God, I could write a book. I actually should write a book. Well, I was going on a date with a guy who I didn’t know very well and about two hours before he picked me up, my sister called me and said, “Our friend knows this guy you are about to go on a date with and he is the biggest douchebag.” It was too late to cancel, so I Instagrammed a picture of myself looking really bummed out with the caption: “I’m about to go on a date with someone who is a really big douchebag.” Then while we were on the date he asked to follow me on Instagram.
Sara: Oh my God!
Erin: I didn’t know what to say, because I didn’t want to sound like an arsehole. It turned out he was a major douchebag.
Sara: This isn’t really embarrassing, but in the courting process you try to make yourself sound so much cooler then you actually are, and so much better. So in the courting process of my fiancé, who is a professional tennis player, I was telling him, “Oh yeah, I used to train at the Bollettieri Tennis Academy, too, and I’ve been playing all my life,” just to sound interesting. For our second or third date, he was like, “Let’s hit some balls, I want to see what you got.” We got on the court and I could not play. I haven’t played in 15 years, and it turned out my big exaggeration hit me in the face. Luckily, he found it endearing.

If you had to choose one sibling, outside of each other, to do a reality show with, who would it be and why?
Erin: I would do one with Brody [Jenner], and I would want it to be like, Erin and Brody Take Vegas.
Sara: That’s hilarious. Is Brody your sibling? (laughs)
Erin: Yeah, he’s my ex-stepbrother.
Sara: I would do one with my younger sister Jordan [Foster], because she is game to do anything. She will just do whatever you want, no questions asked. She’ll jump out of an aeroplane and she’ll drink and eat anything. I would go with her.

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Nightlife Regular


Justin Coit

Your Barely Famous characters claim to be friends with James Franco and Jennifer Lawrence, among others. Who is your favourite celebrity to name drop in real life?
Erin: Sam Smith. I’ve only met him once, but I like to tell people we are good friends.
Sara: I love to say that Katy Perry is my daughter’s best friend, even though she literally doesn’t know my name or really my daughter’s name, but I like to tell people they are close because they met at a party.

What’s the best and worst part of being sisters?
Sara: I think the worst is there’s always that one person who knows everything about you and doesn’t let you get away with anything. It’s like you are in prison basically, because you cannot get away with one lie. If I want to lie about my age, I have this one over here saying, “Um, excuse me.” They never let you get away with anything, which is also a good thing. The best thing too is having the camaraderie in dealing with the parents.
Erin: I don’t want to misquote the Dalai Lama, but I’m pretty sure I read this quote that said, “If you want to see how evolved you are spend a weekend with your family.” Because the longer the history you have with someone, the bigger your buttons are with each other. The best part is that you are not going anywhere, so as bad as it gets, on your worst day, you are just going to keep coming back for more.

If you could star on a scripted show, which would it be and why?
Sara: My dream has always been a half-hour multi-cam sitcom. If Friends existed today, and I don’t mean because of the paycheck, it would be a dream come true.
Erin: I kind of think I’m more cable. I’m more cable and Sara is more primetime network; that’s really our personality differences. I’m very Netflix and Sara is NBC. However, I love the kind of checks they get on Two and a Half Men.
Sara: This might be the better line to end on. Feels more about the sisters. 

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Makeup: Gloria Noto 
Stylist: Jamie Schneider 

Which Los Angeles stereotype do you think is most on point? Sound off below!