How to Dress for the Corporate World and Still Look Stylish

As a journalist, and a fashion one at that, I've often been able to wear pretty much what I've wanted. I do, however, like to remain smart, especially when it comes to interviews. I can't remember how many I've had over the years, but I always do my research on what to wear beforehand. I think about the transport to the place of the interview and therefore what footwear I'll need to wear. I consider the weather. And I consider what kind of role I'm going for. While I'm always keen to let my personal style shine, I still find it helpful to look like I already work at that particular place. With that in mind, I think keeping a range of classic workwear items in your wardrobe is so handy. 

For a real understanding of the great basics to keep in your corporate wardrobe, I looked to influencer Lorna of Symphony of Silk fame. I've been a follower of her style for a few years and always marvel at how she manages to keep her chic separates looking cool but smart. For background, she's a lawyer by day, so if anyone knows how to dress for the corporate world, it's Lorna. I trawled through her Instagram account to look for pieces that you'll get the most use out of. Keep scrolling for more.

Style Notes: A white shirt under a knit always looks great, and pairing it with black trousers and loafers just finishes this whole outfit perfectly. 

Style Notes: A minidress doesn't mean you're ready for a night out. The fitted silhouette and high neck keep this looking incredibly professional. Pair with neutral accessories. 

Style Notes: Lorna is a big fan of tailored trousers in beige hues. For summer months, try wearing yours with a black vest top. 

Style Notes: Your office might not allow trainers for most of the week, but on casual Fridays, you'll find that a pair of Converse is ideal. 

Style Notes: A trench really is one of those classic items we in the fashion industry bang on about. But when it comes to dressing for the office, it makes a black dress look immediately chic. 

Style Notes: Another winning summer outfit idea for the office. Pair a knitted vest with white trousers and a pair of mules. 

Style Notes: Slip skirts are definitely ideal for the weekend, but there's something about wearing one with a pair of strappy heels that makes them look more office-ready. 

Style Notes: Invest in fun accessories that you'll wear on the weekend and on weekdays. These will help distinguish your style.

Style Notes: A white shirt worn with black trousers is a classic for a reason. Wear with two-tone mules, such as the original Chanel versions, and throw a knit over your shoulders. 

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