The Next Cheese Plant, and Other Trending Interiors Pieces for 2019

There are certain interiors trends that generate as many likes as pictures of avocado on sourdough—in 2018 our feeds were flooded with green velvet sofas from, rose-coloured linen sheets and nude illustrations on everything from prints to side plates. This year there are certain interiors pieces that are destined to be the next cheese plant and marble side table.

If you struggle to keep your family of succulents and asparagus ferns alive, then you'll be pleased to hear that the latest trending foliage doesn't require a drop of water or an in-depth survival strategy for when you are on holiday. Interiors and fashion trends are often closely aligned, and the vintage florals and tonal beige looks you'll see in every street style gallery this month, are also making a big impact in homeware departments.

Keep scrolling to see the six leading interiors trends you'll see all over your Instagram feeds in 2019.