I'm an Interiors Expert, and These Trends Make a House Look 10 Times Cooler

I'm Laura Hunter of @nofeaturewalls, and I’ve been documenting the pattern-tastic and heavily floral renovation of my house in Oxfordshire for the past 18 months on Instagram. I describe my style as Jamaican nan cottagecore, which means I like quirky and eclectic homeware placed in a floral wonderland so expect a lot of colour, pattern, wallpaper and Morris and Co.

I also write the interiors blog NoFeatureWalls.com, which focuses on wallpaper and how they can serve as the perfect backdrop to clothes (move over, generic white-wall shots!). I am a big fan of a pattern clash and I have had enough of the minimalistic trend when it comes to both interiors and fashion.

Maximalists, like me, by nature, enjoy shopping and I love to pick up items for the house from independent brands and eclectic emporiums like Anthropologie and Liberty. I will also hunt for the odd floral item in Zara Home, La Redoute, Rockett St George or Heals and of course, I love vintage markets and antique fairs.

Usually, this time of year I would be still (!) looking to fill the void left by the removed festive decorations with lots of antiques and vintage items. This year it's been difficult to do so as antique shops are clearly not essential shops and are currently closed—sad times but fair enough. However, I’ve put together an edit of good vintage-style items that should fill up some of those empty spots and these are the things I usually gravitate to around this time of year when it is a bit gloomy but spring is on the horizon. These are three statement trends that make an impact but will also be classic enough to stand the test of time.


Found in every good antique shop across the UK the Roman or Grecian bust is a great addition to any chest of drawers or side table. A little bit eccentric and on special occasions can also be dressed up with a party hat. What fun!

Marble busts are expensive, with some costing tens of thousands of pounds, but a large plaster bust will usually cost £150+ dependent on the size and period.

Neutral tones look the most authentically antique, if that's the look you want to go for.

But coloured busts are bolder, more modern take on a classical item.

For a more affordable option a smaller bust in a resin is a great option.

Smaller, brighter busts like this really stand out when they are placed on a bookshelf. 

Some people find busts a little intimidating. "Leering" is a word I have heard in the past—is it the eyes? I don’t know, but you can certainly soften the look with pretty flowers in a bust-style vase.

A planter is an ever changing bust and dependent on your plant choice could make the bust look pretty wacky. Bonsai hair on a Greek god, why not?

Candle busts are a temporary option, or permanent if you never burn your candles and enjoy dusting…


Coloured, patterned or painted glassware is the ultimate in grandma chic. Not just for the dinner table glassware can be used as a decorative accessory across the house.

This is the style featured on my dresser, pictured above.

I love to see coloured candle sticks with a contrasting coloured candle.

Van Verre are a historic Portuguese glass company you will find their older items in most charity shops and the newer items haven’t changed much over time.

Taller candlesticks look fantastic with some short-stem foliage or a single stem as well as candles.

I use coloured plates to hold trinkets, jewellery, and treasures.

Glass jars and bowls look great in the bathroom and make a change from wicker or plastic storage for small items.

I use these for everything and everything in my bathroom.


Vintage bedding is great and everything, but I would probably draw the line at vintage sheets. However, the look is still very cosy and can look impactful in both minimalistic or eclectic homes, so here are some vintage-style throws without the ick factor!

Because making your own would take (me) years.

It's double-sided so you could go for a pattern clash effect with some floral bedding or something more subtle with the velvet side.

'60s style with crochet and fringing—don’t be afraid to mix and match decades for an eclectic look.

Could be styled with Victoriana or gothic bedding for a darker edge.

If you managed to find anything like this in an antique shop you would be feeling pretty smug.

Next up, a guide to what the experts are calling this year's biggest interiors trends.

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