The Coolest Interior Experts Have Spoken—These Are the Trends to Know for 2022

With all of us spending more time at home in recent years, it’s understandable that we’ve become increasingly obsessed with interiors. Yes, pride in our homes has always been a thing, but with our houses now our office spaces, too (for many of us), it’s placed even more importance (and worth) on creating a sort of sanctuary for ourselves. Not to mention the extra time we’ve had on our hands indoors, repainting and DIY'ing. 

As the world of interiors has grown, we’ve also seen it merging with the world of fashion more than ever. Both industries have always been linked in ways thanks to their shared creative and visual nature, but now we have our favourite influencers starting home accounts (hi, @lucywilliamshome), our favourite designers collaborating with iconic decorative names (Louis Vuitton x Fornasetti, anyone?), and even our favourite high-street stores launching new homeware collections (check out Mango’s here).  

With 2022 on the horizon, the interiors buzz shows no sign of halting, and so we wanted to go directly to the source(s) to find out which trends are going to be bigger than ever in the New Year and beyond. We consulted interior designers such as Buchanan Studio and Harriet Nicholls, homeware designer and sourcer Alice Wawrik of By Alice, the co-founder of Laura Jackson’s newly launched interiors marketplace Glassette, and colour experts from Farrow & Ball. Here’s what they said… 


Interiors Trends 2022: @glassette



Our homes have taken on a new significance, and we are filling them with more and more statement pieces. At Glassette, we’re seeing customers flock towards decorative vases. The type that look great even without a bunch of flowers in! De la Jardin’s paper mâché vases are a particular highlight, and the Ceramic Room’s weird and wonderful air-dried pieces are certainly going to find their way into many homes in 2022.” — Dan Crow, Glassette Co-Founder




“Memphis style is back! Memphis Milano was an Italian design and architecture group back in the '80s which designed postmodern furniture, lighting, fabrics, carpets, ceramics, glass and metal objects. Popular designers today like Jermaine Gallacher are heavily influenced by the graphic and bright nature, often adding a 2022 modern twist to it.” — Alice Wawrik, @by_alice_home


Interiors Trends 2022: Erica Davies



“It’s often really hard to know where to start with a scheme and know how many different colours and tones to bring in. Choosing one piece of art and positioning it in a focal point of the room can be the glue to it all and often makes you much braver with colour combinations that you would not have thought of otherwise.” — Harriet Nicholls, @hn.interiordesign



Interior Trends 2022: Home Office



“Home desks and offices have gone up on people’s priority lists for obvious reasons, it’s so important to allocate generous budget to this room if you spend most of your day in it.” — Nicholls



Interior Trends 2022: Farrow and Ball Babouche


Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

“In 2022, we will relish brighter colours, like the cheerful and uncomplicated babouche yellow, which is the perfect tone for this task. While bold, it never feels garish or overpowering. Rooms that feature it just appear to be full of sunshine.” — Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball Colour Curator 



“Stripes have been huge this year, and their popularity is ever increasing. They are an easy way to add colour and print into an otherwise pared-back space. Both playful and classic, they are extremely versatile.” — Angus Buchanan, Buchanan Studio Creative Director


Interior Trends 2022 @abimarvel



“More and more, we are seeing clients keen to take a more sustainable approach to design through the use of repurposed or reclaimed furniture and materials—whether it’s buying vintage pieces or using salvaged timber for joinery.” — Buchanan

“In the last 18 months, there has been a huge surge in new vintage interior sellers, which is sure to be an ongoing trend. Buying vintage is better for the environment and often better quality too!” — Tanya Chancellor, @mouse_interiors


“Coloured and speckled glass is a trend that’s not going anywhere! Think Glass Studio and Rebecca Udall for nods to the trend, but it’s even popping up in larger forms such as coloured glass window panes like this brick wall by Buchanan Studio.” — Chancellor

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