I'm an Interior Design Expert—These 25 Pieces Will Make Your Home Much Chicer

I’m Linda Boronkay, founder and creative director of Linda Boronkay Design Studio and former design director of Soho House. I set up my own studio a year ago as a one-woman band and have since grown into a multidisciplinary team, which is now working on some incredibly exciting projects across the globe. My signature style is about layering—combining eclectic, vintage pieces with a stripped-back contemporary scheme and not being afraid to mix and match colours, textures and interesting objects of different eras and styles. It’s about oscillating between minimalism and maximalism—being able to look at the bigger picture whilst paying attention to detail.

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Courtesy of Linda Boronkay

It’s about creating interiors that are interesting and thought-provoking yet relaxed and unforced. I don’t want my interiors to feel like you are stepping into a showroom! My focus is first and foremost on how design can provoke an emotional impact by narrating a unique story and encouraging an immersive experience. I look to art, culture, fashion, cinema, literature, architecture and craft for inspiration and strive to create spaces that are cinematic and fantasy-like with distinct character and identity. I am a complete magpie for antique fairs and local markets for uncovering authentic, timeless pieces that add personality to a space.

I’m a huge admirer of contemporary furnishing and architecture too, but whatever its history, nothing beats a beautifully crafted artefact that shows the workings of the maker and the marks of time. Normally, as a team, we visit markets and tap into the collections of our go-to antique dealers to find individual pieces, but this has not been possible this past year. Instead, I have found joy in exploring some wonderful, independent online shops. I have selected a range of items here that I’d find a home for in any project of my own.

1. Lighting

You can never underestimate the number of light sources and lamps you need in a space. When layered correctly, they create warmth and ambience and set an intimate or dramatic mood that transitions from day to night. Whilst I tend to go vintage or bespoke for impactful chandeliers, I definitely go off the shelf for lamps and shades, as there are so many incredible craftsmen out there who create affordable pieces that are still unique and special.

This is certainly a one-of-a-kind piece. I want one of Danny Kaplans lamps in every room in my house!

Something that shows the hand of a craftsman is so special, and these lampshades are no exception—hand-braided from natural rattan. The organic, textural qualities of the rattan are given centre stage through using such simple geometric forms.

Zara Home’s revamp over the past year has been tactile, minimalistic and vintage-inspired—all vibes that I love. This floor lamp would really add a retro feel to a living room.

I’m a big fan of Lrnce a Marrakesh-based lifestyle-and-interiors brand that revises materials’ purpose and spontaneously combines untraditionally paired materials, fabrics, textures and elements to create unique pieces, just like this beautiful table lamp.

Another handmade beauty, made sustainably from banana fibre, draped and stitched to create variations in shape and form—how poetic and inspiring.

I’m working with Lucy on a project of ours near Sydney and have completely fallen in love with her style. This lamp is named after the Roman goddess of wisdom, Minerva, and the curvaceous qualities draw reference to the female body, adding so much character. A great example of the relationship forged between art, sculpture and functionality.

2. Furnishing

The successful furnishing of a space requires a careful alchemy of style and comfort. It is about finding pieces that are characterful, functional, and stylish and have a familiar feel. I like to mix and match vintage, bespoke and off-the-shelf pieces that together create a layering of colours, eras and styles.

In most of our schemes, it is likely that you will come across a piece of the Galvin
Brothers furniture. Whilst putting functionality at the forefront, each piece is made thoughtfully using traditional techniques.

Price on enquiry.

Sister—the arm to Studio Ashby—is paving the way for sustainable and innovative ways of reusing, recycling and reimagining tossed-out furniture and fabrics. This versatile daybed is the perfect statement piece to the end of a bed or beneath a window.

A contemporary, delicate hanging mobile composed of brass, reclaimed oak, ash and sycamore handmade pieces using traditional metal and woodworking techniques.

Mirrors bring light, freshness and glamour to your home! This funky asymmetrical mirror can be hung in so many fun ways until you find the perfect fit for the room and need. The Ferm mirror is classic, organic and decorative yet still functional.

3. Art

Art has always played a central role in our projects and has provided a constant springboard for design inspiration. For me, no space feels complete without a beautiful piece of artwork, tapestry or artefact to engage with. We usually work closely together with art dealers and collectors to source bespoke pieces that were representative of the local colours, culture and community.

It is very easy to think that art collecting is a luxury activity. However, I am a big advocate that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to find unique and interesting pieces that are supportive of smaller and upcoming artists. Jealous Gallery is my go-to for contemporary, affordable artworks!

4. Tableware

A unique piece of tableware, crockery or cutlery can certainly be the talking point of a dinner party. Like artwork, it is fun to build up a quirky collection of styles that can be mixed and matched to set the vibe for a gathering.

These teaspoons are exquisite—natural, earthy and traditional with such a unique and quirky finish.

I seem to always find myself on Nkuku when looking for affordable but beautiful glassware. They are made from recycled glass, which makes each glass slightly irregular, giving them a standout, elegant and unique finish.

This clever ex–fashion designer at Gucci started his own home-accessories brand, and thank God for that! Give your dinner set a celestial twist with these planetary-patterned, renaissance-inspired placemats.

5. Accessories

It’s all about balance—avoiding clutter but ensuring interest and texture to characterise a space. These are the objects that we pick up and touch in our daily lives, so it is important they fill us with pleasure!

Louisa’s beautiful prints are hand-block-printed and painted on natural linen. This century-old process encourages irregularities that give the fabrics so much character and life.

You can tell that Whitney’s pieces are inspired by the female body in their sensual, sculptural form, natural colours and unglazed finish. Imagine them with a delicate floral arrangement in each arm or two funky candlesticks.

An oversized basket is the ultimate cheat for a tidy home! A striking piece of decoration or a storage solution for children’s toys. I use them for my design magazines.

These candles are vegan-friendly, made from a soy wax blend and organic cotton wicks. An elegant addition to a side table or mantelpiece.

An interesting-shaped vase is ideal for housing beautiful dried flowers or pampas grass—or to be left alone as a unique mantelpiece decoration.

Incense is my go-to for setting a relaxing evening vibe, so finding a set like this that taps into all the senses is perfect.

A maximalist, ruffled, stripey cushion is the perfect addition to any bed, sofa or armchair whether inside or outside.

This spot is a must when you are in Covent Garden. I get my favourite pens from here, really lovely Japanese ones, or the coloured versions. I’m a pen freak and also a notebook maniac, but these eccentric, colourful pen pots are a lot more fun than your average ones.

This bow-shaped solid brass handle fits perfectly in the hand and is a quirky, elegant finishing touch for any cupboard or cabinet.

6. Fashion

Our homes are the means of creative expression of our personalities, and so is fashion and jewellery. For me, selecting a beautiful piece of jewellery to wear on a specific occasion is no different from picking a stunning chandelier. It’s all about the look and feel.

Statement, sophisticated, romantic, exaggerative in silhouette perfection.