This Instagram Hack Is Better Than a Face-Lift

Instagram in 2017 has brought us such vital moments as the "Bambi" pose, niche trends like the "Instagram hat," as well as breakout app introductions like KiraKira+. What's next for the social media platform? Well, we think we might have the answer, and it's pretty old school and—as is the nature of this sharing tool—flattering. Welcome back into the fashion fold, ye olde humble towel wrap. As in the thing you do at home once you've washed your hair and need to dry it. As in that moment at 6 a.m. you never thought you'd capture for public exposure.

And yet, look closely at yourself again during usually bleary instance and you'll see that there's something quite magical about it: Not only can a well-wrapped hair towel frame one's face very nicely (and even make things like a little more taut, should you be tired out from all those Christmas parties), but it also harks back to starlets of the past. Think of that iconic be-towelled shot of Sadé in gold hoops reclining on a bed, or Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor with a full face of makeup, their beautiful visages highlighted by the halo of a pink towel.

Over the past few months, Mario Testino's Towel Series has captured everyone from Alexa Chung to Pharrell Williams (with almost each and every one of the celebs choosing to wrap a towel around their head) and could be credited with reigniting a desire to take photos with this as the focus. Many fans of #towelseries have taken their own shots in homage—the hashtag currently has over 18K posts.

See what we mean by scrolling.

Bella Hadid



How else will you get to see Bella's cheekbones so nicely?

Camille Charrière



When in Paris. Or London. Or Rome. Or New York. 

Reem Kanj



You don't have to opt for a plain white towel. Mix it up on holiday.

Caroline Vreeland



Get the light just right and you have yourself a retro-looking portrait.

Claire Beerman



Jewels are a towel's best friend.

Courtney Trop



And now for the new way to style your dressing gown…

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Opening Image: Reem Kanj of Five Five Fabulous