How to Be Chic, According to the Most Sophisticated Girls on Instagram

For every day we spend perfecting the art of looking insouciantly—but not embarrassingly—scruffy, we like to invest equal amounts of time thinking about how to smarten up our act and be a little more, you know, ladylike. We're not talking about strings of pearls, sky-high heels at all times and aging skirt suits, but rather cracking the code of feeling pulled together in something as simple as a blazer and jeans (that combination is back on the fashion radar, by the way).

There are certain girls who have this kind of ability practically engrained in their DNA, but being chic isn't genetically coded, it's something you can achieve by paying attention. So, if you're in the market to up your fashion game now or in the future, we'd recommend taking some pointers from the following women. They're the ones who always appear to be nothing short of impeccable in every Instagram snap or blog post. The types who wouldn't be caught in joggers unless they're silk, from Chloé and worn with stilettos.

Scroll down to see the most sophisticated girls we follow on Instagram, then keep going to shop our chosen super-chic buys…