Instagram Is Finally Launching In-App Shopping… but Just for Ads

There's been some major news emerging from the world of shopping and social media this week. Earlier today came the news that Pinterest is adding a "Buy It" button, and Instagram is also getting in on the game: Starting soon, Instagram will add a shopping function for advertisements within the app.

Instagram has launched "Shop Now" buttons that advertisers can place inside posts, according to AdWeekas well as other text that lets advertisers embed links to take potential shoppers outside the app to directly shop whatever the featured item is. This marks the first time Instagram has ever allowed direct links to outside vendors.

This is major, not just for brands that advertise on Instagram, but generally speaking, considering the history of the app—you're probably quite aware that Instagram still (somehow) doesn't have the functionality for live links in captions. While it remains unclear if Instagram will eventually expand this technology to all posts, it's certainly a step in that direction.

What do you think of Instagram launching direct click-to-buy shopping? Tell us below! (And if you're feeling inspired, shop some cute phone cases to rev up your tech style rgame!)