And Now, 17 New Poses to Try on Instagram

We'll admit it: We're always looking for ways to up our Instagram game. We've cracked the code to making a viral fashion Instagram and have even started shopping certain trends just so we can post about them. But as far as what it takes to make sure our own personal feeds are thriving, it doesn't always have to mean investing in one of this season's It bags. Sometimes all it takes it testing out a fun new pose when shooting your next #ootd post.

Thanks to our wildly creative readers, we're super inspired to shoot our outfit posts in a whole new way. From the power squat to the perfect candid moment (even if it was anything but candid), see each of the creative outfit posts that you, our community, shared on Instagram using #WhoWhatWearing. Want to be featured next time? Use the hashtag on your outfit posts so we can see them.

Squat It Out
New Instagram poses



Give your sneaker outfits some major street cred by popping a squat and looking up at the camera.

The Sassy Sunglasses
New poses to try on Instagram



Push your sunglasses down the bridge of your nose and give your best "judging you" look over them.

The Unquestionably Happy Pose
Cute Instagram poses



Gone are the days of the subtle smize. Let out your biggest laughing smile—the toothier the better.

The Sun Blocker
How to take a good Instagram photo



Here's how to shield your eyes from harsh rays and look cool doing it.

The Power Nap
Outfit photo ideas



For when you just need to take a quick little break.

The Overhead Bag
Outfit post ideas



We don't quite know why this one looks cool, but it just does.

The Upright Squat
Instagram poses to try



Give off equally as cool street vibes as the classic squat when standing by propping one leg up on an elevated surface. Lean over your bent knee and let the world know how good you look.

The Greek Goddess
How to take a winning outfit photo



Prop your legs up on a bench and give your best statuesque pose.

The Hair Whip
Outfit photo ideas



When we tell you to "whip your hair back and forth," we hope you also sing the Willow Smith song in your head while doing it.

The Vintage Car
How to take a good Instagram photo



We're not even sorry about posing next to strangers' cool vintage cars because we know it always makes an Insta-worthy moment.

The Casual Seated Pose
How to take a good photo for Instagram



The trick to nailing this one is finding a low curb and bending your knees at slightly different angles to create a super-casual effect.

The Street Style Shot
Outfit photos



This one takes a bit of practice to get just right, but once you do, it's the perfect way to showcase your whole 'fit.

The "Couldn't Care Less" Squat
How to pose for Instagram



Just like the classic squat, this pose gives off an aura of cool. Get even more creative with your squat poses—rest your chin in your hand and your elbow on your knee for extra-casual vibes.

The Cute Café Shot
How to pose for an outfit photo



Step 1: Find an aesthetically pleasing coffee shop. Step 2: Take a "candid" shot while sipping your latte or staring out pensively into the abyss.

The Head Tilt
How to take an outfit photo



You can sit or stand to nail this one. Tilt your head a bit to one side, slightly pushing your chin out for a subtle amount of attitude.

The It-Bag Shot
Outfit photo pose ideas



Try this one next time you want to show off your pretty new handbag.

The Over-the-Shoulder Look
Outfit photo poses



Take this one from a lower angle to take it up a notch.

Our cool readers are also teaching us a thing or two about wearing Gen-Z yellow IRL.

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