Why More Instagram Followers Translates to More Money for Modelling

We recently filled you in on how much bloggers actually make on Instagram. But what about models? As Racked pointed out from a piece in Financial TimesStorm Model Management includes real-time social media statistics on each model's online portfolio right next to her height, measurements, and shoe size. "We have monetized it," explained Storm founder Sarah Doukas, who told Financial Times, "If Cara [Delevingne] does a big campaign, you quote for her to model and then you quote separately for the fact that she has 13m followers." She went on to say further that while looks are first and foremost in booking a model, if there are two models up against each other, the woman with the larger social following will likely land the gig. So interesting.

What do you think? Should models get paid separately based on their Instagram followers? Sound off in the comments below! And click over for more on Cara Delevingne, including shopping picks she'd love.

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