The Plethora of Trends I Bought Because of Instagram

So I buy things because I want to post about them on Instagram… Sue me! But in all seriousness, I would be lying if I said there weren't a handful of items in my closet that Instagram didn't ultimately convince me to purchase. Here's how they get me—a trend starts to bubble up, cool brands put top-notch influencers in said trend, the influencers post about it profusely and by the sixth or so post I see, I'm convinced I also need to buy and post said trend. If I don't, am I even cool? Am I even on trend? Do I even work in fashion? Apologies for the dramatic rant there—those are just the thoughts that I think when contemplating whether or not I should invest in a trend. If you don't want to, that doesn't mean you aren't cool, or on trend, or fashionable. I'm just a nut-case.

I hope you enjoyed this journey through my Instagram obsessions. Surely there there will be more trends I buy into thanks to Instagram in the near future.