Instagram Secretly Launches New 'Bolt' Feature

1. Instagram silently launched a brand new feature called Bolt, which lets you send people photos and videos that self-destruct after a certain amount of time. [The Verge]

2. Apparently a really good way to distress your own denim is to toss a pair of jeans into a lion's cage. Sure. [The New Yorker]

3. Amazon launched a new store where you can 3D-print a number of different kinds of accessories. [Fashionista]

4. These tiny dessert plates can also be worn as rings. Yes, like on your fingers. [Domaine]

5. Christian Siriano discusses the role of plus-size models in the fashion industry. [HuffPo]

6. Here's why you're probably applying your face products all wrong. [Byrdie]

7. These photos of Leonardo DiCaprio really enjoying his summer are actually everything. [The Cut]

8. Yikes: Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber allegedly got into a physical altercation over model Miranda Kerr. [Time]

9. Allison Williams joined Instagram! Her only photo so far: a shot of her as a child, dressed up as Peter Pan. [Instagram]

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