Inside the Fascinating Life of a Fashion Critic

As someone with a long held interest in both fashion and writing, I’ve always been particularly enamoured with fashion critics—characters who, to me, seem placed in a sweet spot between both worlds. While bloggers or celebrities pass by frequently at shows, it’s the critics who get the fan girl in me going. This very select group of people—and the wonderful way that they weave niche collections into a much larger picture with their reviews—is simply fascinating. What are they thinking while at the shows? How do they feel about the so-called circus that now comes with them? Where do their unexpected interpretations stem from? How’d they get their start, and—while we’re at it—SO fashion-smart?

Together, they’re a bit of an enigma, and, if my search was any indication, a relatively untouched topic. To remedy this, I decided to go straight to the source and scoop up some answers myself. Whether or not you, too, have grown up reading their colourful pieces, you’re bound to be surprised and inspired by the many revelations below.

Scroll down to meet the 6 major critics that I spoke to and find out what they had to say about everything from bloggers to the place of fashion criticism today!