From Zara to Chloé, This Personal Jewellery Trend Is Really Taking Off

There's something really fascinating going on with jewellery at the moment. For starters, two of the biggest luxury online retailers Net-a-Porter and Matchesfashion have revealed that jewellery has become a very popular section, thanks to people investing in lasting pieces but also in a bid, I suspect, to give their WFH outfits a bit of life when they're unable to give them oomph via fancy shoes and their favourite handbag. At Who What Wear, we also have a direct line to what our readers want to see the most, and over the past month especially, it seems that jewellery trends, in particular, are something that you want.

Secondly, after speaking to the founders of UK-based demi-fine jewellery brand Otiumberg, I also discovered that personalised jewellery is becoming more popular—something that's completely understandable when we consider the lack of personal connection we've had over the past year. Otiumberg told me that sales of their name bracelets were up 79% from 2019 to 2020.

As if to confirm my suspicions of a burgeoning trend, just last week Zara released a new jewellery collection based around initials, which is always a sign of a trend that's about to tip into the mass appeal category. Google tells a similar story with searches for initial necklaces taking off this year. While there's been a steady rise in searches since 2018, probably thanks to those Celine necklaces (nearly everyone was wearing them during fashion week in September 2018), this past year we've seen one of the biggest increases in searches for these kinds of necklaces.

With new initial jewellery pieces being launched by various brands all the time right now (or at least it seems that way), I've rounded up some of the coolest versions out there. To help, I've also separated out the different categories of jewellery, so you can choose to see necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, or just scroll ahead to the section you want. Yes, some pieces are megabucks, but I bet you'll be surprised at how affordable other items are. Keep scrolling for more.

initial jewellery trend: Aimee Song wearing an initial necklace



Aimee Song wearing an initial last month

initial jewellery trends: alexis foreman wearing the celine initial necklace



Alexis Foreman wearing the Celine initial necklace in 2018

initial jewelley trend: Aimee Song wearing the Celine initial necklace in 2018



Aimee Song wearing the Celine initial necklace in 2018





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