57-Year-Old Model Inger Moss on the Trousers She'll Never Wear Again

It’s no longer an anomaly these days to find that women over 50 are highly sought after as models. You need only look to the likes of Daphne Selfe et al to see that. Similarly, actresses in the same age bracket are also regularly championed for their cool wardrobes, from Cate Blanchett to Helen Mirren. Then there’s the rise of the over-50 Instagrammers who are always wearing the latest trends. While they all do fashion in their own way, one thing’s abundantly clear—age doesn’t matter when you have great taste.

This is exactly why I loved chatting with model Inger Moss, who gave me some brilliant pieces of fashion advice when I spoke to her recently. At 57 years of age, she’s still working in the fashion industry, thanks to being signed with Models 1 last year, which I’m sure is thanks to her mix of striking Scandinavian blue eyes (she’s originally from Norway), incredible cheekbones and a distinctive grey crew cut. She has a real no-nonsense approach to fashion and favours chic basics with androgynous styling.

Then there’s the surname. There’s no denying that it’s instantly recognisable, especially when in the context of fashion and modelling. Inger is married Peter Moss (Kate Moss’s mum was his first wife) and is also the mother of model Lottie Moss. I asked Inger what she's learned in terms of understanding yourself when it comes to fashion and her best-ever pieces of advice. Not only did she offer up insightful ideas on how to hone your personal style, but she was also very clear about the one item of clothing you should never wear. Keep scrolling to find out more.


Lucas Suchorab

1. Shop for Quality

“With age, I’ve found that due to body-shape changes, it’s important to shop a bit more expensive, as it tends to fit better. Even though I go a lot to Zara and H&M, it’s better to buy quality rather than quantity. Don’t feel pressured just because it’s a trend, and don’t buy something you don’t feel good in.”



With daughter Lotte Moss.

2. Never wear leggings

“Nobody at any age—or at least over the age of 4—should be allowed to wear leggings. I don’t think it’s okay. You go to the gym wearing them or go skiing in them. To me, it’s not a piece of clothing, as it just doesn’t do anything for anyone’s body shape, but I try not to judge anyone, especially if that’s what makes them feel happy.”

3. How you hold yourself is more important than what you're wearing

“What’s more important than the clothes you wear is your personality and posture. I was really tall from the age of 12. I was already 5’10”, which is tall even in Norway. My father encouraged me to work on my posture, which really helped with my confidence. Straightening up and being present is what makes you shine.”

4. Don't get stuck in a rut

“I’ve never been very good with colour and often stick to a monochromatic palette. However, my mother’s generation was much more weighed down by rules. For example, she never wore black and navy together. They were much more ruled by things like that. At the moment, I’m a bit of a lazy dresser. I mostly opt for skinny jeans and a jumper, but I’m trying to get out of the grey-and-black uniform and going for something a bit more adventurous. I love my leather trousers from Alice + Olivia, and I also love suits from Maje, as my style is a little masculine.”


Lucas Suchorab

5. Embrace what you have

“The one person who can’t put a foot wrong in terms of fashion is Cate Blanchett. I’m a huge admirer of all these over-50 women. It used to be that after the age of 45, you would be invisible, but now you see the confidence they have, and I love that because we’re being encouraged to embrace our age and make the most out of it. It’s not necessarily about trying to look younger; it’s about embracing what we have.”

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