6 Influencer Outfits That Are Ready and Waiting for a Wedding

Only at the start of wedding season and already feeling that your winning outfit streak is grinding to an all-too-familiar halt? Us too. It takes very few events to make you feel tired of your formal wardrobe, but we're sure you've got something lurking in the depths of your closet that will look more than alright come the (next) big day.

One way that we gather outfit inspiration stays the same whether we're looking for work ensembles, weekend getups or wedding-worthy formulas: Instagram has all we need for a prod in the right direction if you know where to look. Follow the right ladies (or us, TBH) and you'll get all the refreshing ideas required during these busy times of the year.

Not every woman we religiously follow on social media has been to a wedding and shared their looks, however, we have seen enough smart combinations that are wedding-appropriate in order to bring you a comprehensive reference. Whether you'd like to be a bit more bohemian or you've got a dress code that's strictly black tie, we have some fresh wedding guest outfit ideas that will tick the boxes.

Keep scrolling to see and shop from the influencer-approved looks we want to wear to a ceremony in 2019—invites permitting.


Kimonos: They're kind of thing you feel compelled to buy one day and then never end up wearing, am I right? But they are a fantastic wedding guest dress idea if you're looking for something unique. I'd recommend wearing a slip underneath yours (just in case it flies open on the dance floor) and look to fasten it with a safety pin on the inside (just in case that belt loosens). Pair with equally personality-filled accessories and you have an easy but impactful ensemble, just like Ellie here.


A full-blown sequin fest of a dress needs little to no accessorising, and I'm sure the office's beauty experts would also agree that natural makeup is a good idea. Margaret Zhang follows this route with her stunning silver dress, pairing it just with the most simple nude shoes. Genius.


Do you have a countryside wedding coming up? Then nothing beats a floral dress. Make like Monikh and add a basket bag into the mix for a slightly more casual vibe, and don't forget to leave the stilettos at home. Spikes and stately home grass or gravel do not maketh a happy guest. Fortunately, this kind of slim, mini wedge is in fashion right now. They're comfortable and strong enough to withstand a marquee wedding.

Should you be required to go all-out glam at your next nuptials, may I guide you to this stunning look? A dramatic, voluminous gown does all the talking, so just keep things delicate and subtle with a small bag and minimal makeup, like Tiffany here.


What can make a sensible trouser suit suddenly seem suitable for the poshest of parties? A headband, of course! And heels wouldn't go amiss. You could style one sans top, but that depends on the kind of bride you're dealing with. I love the idea of wearing head-turning tailoring rather than a pretty dress—especially for a city wedding.


If standing out is the name of your game, then you'll need a very bright dress—neon, perhaps. Bold colours abound for summer 2019, and they look at their strongest in statement silhouettes and not broken up with prints or too much detailing. Red sandals are also having a bit of a moment and go surprisingly well with many outfits.

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