9 Mango Pieces That Are Trending This Month

There are few things I love more than scrolling through Instagram, spotting a chic outfit on a stylish woman and then realising the look is actually affordable. Whether it be high-streetvintage or from an independent brand, there's something so satisfying about knowing an outfit looks luxe and expensive, yet is totally within reach. 

This phenomenon has happened to me a few times recently, only to discover the outfits in question were from Mango. From check blazers to leather trousers and of course, an abundance of sleek tailored coats, Mango truly excels in quality designs that look much more expensive than they are. And between Sylvie Mus, Marianne of Smyth Sisters and Yoyo Cao, so many of the chic women I follow also tend to agree. 

Whether you're on the lookout for new knitwear, knee-high boots or simply some casual everyday items, Mango has both contemporary and classic aesthetics covered. Keep scrolling to shop the exact Mango items we've spotted on Instagram this month. 

Check Blazer + Leather Trousers
Trending Mango Items: Blazer + Leather Trousers


Knitted Gillet + Shirt + Velvet Trousers
Trending Mango Items: Knitted Gillet, Shirt, velvet trousers


Wool Coat With Chain
Trending Mango Items: Coat with Chain


Handmade Wool Coat
Trending Mango Items: Handmade Wool Coat


Faux Leather Shirt + Jeans + Knee High Boots
Trending Mango Items: Faux Leather Shirt + Jeans + Knee High Boots



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