This Is Where Influencers Shop for Budget-Friendly Jeans

Let's face it shopping for a new pair of jeans can be daunting, which is why we are declaring this week Denim Week on Who What Wear UK. For the next seven days we will be equipping you with all the info you could possibly need so you will be excited to start your hunt for your next pair (or pairs) of jeans.

There’s nothing like a designer pair of shoes or an investment bag to make you feel really special. However, when it comes to denim, the high street has it sussed. And no one is proving that more than our current crop of influencers whose tagged brands are leaving us pleasantly surprised. Premium fabrics, luxe cuts, and expensive-looking details are all over high-street denim. Want proof? Just have a look at the budget-friendly pairs some of our favourite Instagrammers have been wearing lately.