11 New Outfit Ideas I'm Completely and Utterly Obsessed With

Our Instagram feeds are a hotbed of activity 24/7, and that means one fundamental (and frustrating) thing: Sometimes we miss even truly brilliant of outfit ideas. With winter taking a major hold over the here in the UK, now's the prime time to source a little inspiration in order to rejuvenate our tired cold-weather closets. How can that faux-fur coat from last year look full of life once more? What's the one pair of boots worth investing in? Are there some new layering methods you should know about? That's why we dedicated a huge chunk of time to sifting through the social media accounts of some of our favourite girls in order to bring you the latest looks you gather some intel from. As well as great winter outfit ideas, we've also handpicked the key item for each ensemble so you can be entirely focused in your approach.

Go through the gallery below to see and shop our favourite new looks.