Of All the New Trends, Influencers Are Actually Wearing These 8

When you think about it, influencers are a bit like interpreters. Often, they are the go-betweens translating the trends we see on the runways to the way we actually wear them. This is why we never underestimate the power of street style.

With Copenhagen Fashion Week having just passed and the traditional fashion month schedule kicking off imminently, everyone seems to be dressing a little trendier lately—and we love it. In fact, it has made for such good viewing we've decided to round up the trends that truly matter to influencers right now, which should help inspire your own outfits for the season ahead.

With so many trends to consider, which ones have influencers and street style stars given their seal of approval? After doing some research, we began to see a pattern—eight overarching trends just kept cropping up.

From the simple update on an autumn style essential to the zingy colour palette fashion types are continuing to wear long into winter and the divisive boots set to dominate the rest of 2021, scroll on to see the eight trends influencers are currently wearing on rotation.


Influencer Street Style Trends: @tineandreaa wears an oversized blazer



Style Notes: If you tend to steer clear of of-the-moment trends, why not get in on the big-blazer action? Oversized blazers are a thing right now. Where you'd ordinarily have to size up to get the effect, subsequently depleting stock levels for those of that actual size, designers are now crafting deliberately oversized blazers, making it all the more seamless to achieve this laid-back look. 


Influencer Street Style Trends: @nnennaechem wears bright colours top-to-toe



Style Notes: We've talked a lot about how bright colours are going to dominate autumn, and we're not kidding. Bold shades were painted all over the runway collections, and influencers are embracing them in droves. Nnenna Echem has always championed a highlighter palette, so if you're looking for inspiration on how to wear saturated shades, she's your gal. 


Influencer Street Style Trends: @greceghanem wears a black cut-out dress



Style Notes: Cut-outs were a huge part of the S/S 21 fashion line-up, and it doesn't look like influencers are ready to part with them just yet either. Instead of threadbare straps, we're seeing a shift towards subtler cut-outs, such as a slit to the waist, shoulder or the décolletage. 


Influencer Street Style Trends: @emilisindlev wears a satin minidress



Style Notes: Perhaps it's because we were denied a party season last year, but influencers are already working gloss-like satin textures into their outfits. Though usually found after dark, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the fabric into your daily wares—a silky blouse tucked into jeans always does the trick, as does a slip skirt paired with a chunky sweater. 


Style Notes: Our editors are in agreement—if you invest in one new pair of boots this season, it ought to be a pair of cowboy boots. Though they're perennially cool, these boots are proving particularly popular right now, with the style set wearing them with everything from midi skirts and dresses to joggers tucked in. How's that for versatility? 


Influencer Street Style Trends: @aimeesong wears a loose-fit pair of jeans



Style Notes: Another trend we've devoted a lot of time to these last few months is loose-fit denim, and as it turns out, we were onto something. Celine and Dior are just two big designer names that featured baggy jeans on the runway, so if you've already invested in a pair, rest assured they're still very much on-trend for autumn. Still mulling it over? ASOS has so many excellent entry-level loose jeans to choose from. 


Influencer Street Style Trends: @himichelleli wears on-trend busy prints



Style Note: This season is gearing up to be about prints that make your eyes go a little fuzzy when you look at them. Work them into your existing wardrobe by pairing them with basics. Then, once you're comfortable, why not wear them top-to-toe like Michelle did for full-on impact. 


Influencer Street Style Trends: @polliani carries a puffed-out padded clutch



Style Notes: Bottega Veneta's reign over the fashion world shows no signs of waning—not that we're complaining in the slightest. Over the past few weeks, we've seen a resurgence of influencers carrying its iconic puffed-out clutch bags under their arms, and we want in on the action, too. Ruching is key, as is an oversized silhouette.