A Trick to Stop Shopping Impulsively

If you’re anything like us, occasionally you’re struck with a random “need” to shop. It’s not to find a specific item for an event or to fill a wardrobe gap; it’s just a random desire for a little retail thrill. Usually these sartorial urges are fulfilled with a fast-fashion find that seems cute at the time and brings you a small spike of post-shopping satisfaction. No harm done, right? Well, we’ve found that an accumulation of these types of purchases results in a rather dissatisfying closet. You’ve consistently spent money on clothing, but your wardrobe is a random collection of lower-quality items that don’t necessarily feel cohesive or even seem to represent your personal style. What’s a girl to do? We found one pre-purchase trick that can help you put any potential expense in perspective and enable you to make wiser choices for a thoughtful, more curated wardrobe.

Scroll down to see what the trick is and to shop some of our latest finds that we think you’ll love for a long time.