The 9 Most Memorable Zara Pieces of All Time

You may have noticed we like Zara. Was it the way we discovered how French girls shop in-store that gave it away? Perhaps it's the fact that one of our main ladies, Olivia Palermo, can be relied upon to wear a choice Zara piece almost each and every week? Maybe it's down to knowing the rails so well that we can spy a Zara buy a mile away—even at fashion week amongst a sea of designer garms.

Whatever may have hinted/shouted toward our full-blown Zara obsession, it's been a long love affair. We fondly recall the circa-2007 turning point where the Spanish chain started moving away from its workwear tailoring core and branching into more adventurous fashion territory. This has, as a result, provided many a stellar moment for the brand. Many Zara pieces have become instantly recognisable to even the most laissez-faire of high-street shoppers.

I personally recall a moment in 2009 where I thought one particular Zara coat was following me around the country—I was street style–hunting up and down the UK and noticed the Aztec-inspired red, black and white blanket coat EVERYWHERE. Bristol to Birmingham, Cardiff to Clapham, it was the piece to be seen in that winter. Much like last year's #thatcoat phenomenon, there are certain Zara pieces that just seize a fashion nation.

Keep reading to see the items we remember most clearly.