What to Do If You Secretly Hate Your Engagement Ring

Heads up, ladies: It’s approaching mid-November already. Not only does that mean holiday shopping season is just ‘round the corner, it also means that engagement season is, too. If you have someone special in your life and you think the possibility of getting engaged is real, then you should prepare yourself for one potential, little-discussed outcome: You might hate the ring.

As a woman of a certain type of style, you probably have a taste level that you rarely (if ever) compromise on. This means that if you didn’t work together with your fiancé to pick out the ring—if you preferred a surprise and left it somewhat up to chance—the possibility exists that you might not care for the ring he picked out.

With the goal of helping you figure out what to do in the event that this unfortunate situation presents itself, we did a bit of digging and found several differing opinions on the matter. They’re all totally valid, and we leave it up to you to decide what’s best. Keep scrolling for some sage words of wisdom on what you should do if you secretly hate your engagement ring.