Warning: This Swimwear Collaboration Will Make You Book a Holiday

If you weren't yet convinced of the fact that there genuinely is a 1980s revival on the horizon (A/W 16's runways were nothing if not extravagantly referential of this forgotten decade), then this newly launched collaboration may well change your mind.

Swimwear label Hunza G is the born-again fashion lovechild of an 80s smash hit: Originally named Hunza, and under the direction of Peter Meadows, this was a go-to for the A-list super-bodies of the time. The signature crinkle-stretch fabric, rendered in bathing suits and teeny-tiny dresses, was a match made in heaven for the era's athletic, insanely honed physiques—you will no doubt recall Julia Roberts in that dress on the promo posters of Pretty Woman. Skip forward a couple of decades and the fantastically elastic creations are back, this time under a more modern guise, thanks to interior designer–turned–creative director Georgiana Huddart—hence the additional "G" in the brand name today. 


Eva K.Salvi/Courtesy of Hunza G

The lookbook—featuring model Marta Aguilar, shot by Eva K.Salvi in Essex, under the creative direction of Pandora Sykes—will no doubt pique your interest. 

Already with a strong foothold among the current cool crowds and at some seriously impressive stockists (Selfridges' ultra-successful Body Studio, for starters), Hunza G is now diving even further into the world of style influencers, pairing up with fashion writer and blogger Pandora Sykes for a capsule collection. Considering both Georgiana and Pandora have known each other since age 14, it's almost unfair this didn't happen sooner…


Eva K.Salvi/Courtesy of Hunza G

The Kerry swimsuit is a classic in the making.

Pandora Sykes x Hunza G riffs on classic '80s styles and centres around five key pieces expanded out into multiple colourways. You can go all-out vintage with the frilled one-piece or try something more 2016-ready, like the lace-up long-sleeved swim-tops. Go through the gallery to see and buy our favourites…

This shade of tomato-red suits every skin tone.

The only other thing required: an elaborate cocktail.

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