Lorde Will Curate The Next 'Hunger Games' Soundtrack

1. Major: Lorde will curate the entire soundtrack for the next instalment of the Hunger Games movie series. [Billboard]

2. Hysterical: Vin Diesel shows off his musical chops as he covers Sam Smith's song "Stay With Me." [E! Online]

3. Fashion rules, smashion rules. Here are 14 that were practically made to be broken. [HuffPo]

4. If you've got curly hair, you know the exquisite pain of humid summer weather. Here's how to beat the frizz for good. [Byrdie]

5. Chanel's most iconic (and wildest) swimsuits of all time! [Style.com]

6. Live in a one-bedroom apartment? Here's six great ideas for how to decorate it. [Domaine]

7. Amazing: Kate Moss showed up to an airport in Turkey without a ticket, and charmed her way onto the plane. [Daily Mail]

8. This girl is getting over her ex-boyfriend by photoshopping Beyoncé's face over his in all their pictures. Genius. [Elle]

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