How to Write the Perfect Instagram Caption, According to an Expert

In the fashion community, few social media platforms are as beloved as Instagram. Whether we're sharing snaps of our latest #ootd or browsing through other fashion people's fabulous posts from runway shows, parties, and beyond, Instagram is where it's at. There's only one problem.

Posting a photo to Instagram, of course, isn't really a hard thing to do—the challenge comes in crafting the perfect caption to accompany the image. Some of our favourite It girls are really good at it—we're looking at you, Alexa Chung—and while we take inspiration from their daily musings, we thought it might be wise to pick the brain of a bona fide social media expert. And that's just what we did.

We sat down to chat with Michael Kwolek, the director of research at social media consultancy firm Room 214. We asked him to share his learnings on the types of Instagram captions that work—the ones that increase engagement, are prone to getting you more likes, and generally make people like you more on the platform—and, of course, the types of captions that don't work.

What he had to say really surprised us. Keep scrolling for an expert's tips on how to write the perfect Instagram caption!