Yes, You Can Wear These "Really Fashion" Trousers to the Office

If you're on the hunt for a pair of trousers that will slot into both your working and weekend wardrobes while lengthening your legs at the same time, let us recommend wide-leg trousers. While the wide-leg style is certainly nothing new, this XXL silhouette has been a microtrend this season, worn by the likes of Jeanette Madsen and Camille Charrière.

Now more than ever, wide strides have become increasingly flattering. Thanks to a higher waistband, your legs look twice as long and the volume is more evenly balanced out. Win! For a modern office look, follow Tamu's lead in her tailored trousers and opt for a smart pair in a neutral but interesting hue. If you're anything like us and are already thinking of your holiday wardrobe, then opt for sweeping, breezy trousers in a sunny colour for the ultimate summer-in-the-city look.

Keep scrolling to see how your favourite bloggers are wearing wide-leg trousers, and then shop our edit of the best pairs.

Now you can go out into the world confident in your new, cool wide-leg trousers.

Opening Image: Jeanette Madsen