The Trending Trouser Shape That Will Make Your Legs Look Twice as Long

If you're on the hunt for a pair of trousers that will slot into both your working and weekend wardrobes while lengthening your legs at the same time, let us recommend wide-leg trousers. While the wide-leg style is certainly nothing new, this XXL silhouette has been particularly popular this year, and has been worn by the likes of Maria Bernad and Camille Charrière.

Now more than ever, wide strides have become increasingly flattering. Thanks to a higher waistband, your legs look twice as long and the volume is more evenly balanced out. For a modern office look, follow Tamu's lead in her tailored trousers and opt for a smart pair in a neutral, but interesting, hue.

Keep scrolling to see how your favourite influencers are wearing wide-leg trousers, and then shop our edit of the best pairs.

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