This Jumper Styling Trick Will Elevate All Your Basic Winter Outfits

There's nothing better than discovering a styling trick that, for zero-cost, will improve your outfits tenfold, and breathe a new lease of life into your daily wares. And lately, some of our fashion friends have been championing one particular styling trick. 

We've long been knotting jumpers around our shoulders. However, we typically do this in the warmer months, when said jumper acts as a speedy solution should the weather change unexpectedly and the T-shirt it's layered over simple won't suffice. However, over the past week, we've seen countless influencers styling jumpers over their, well, jumpers, making for a very stylish and toasty ensemble you can copy immediately. 

The principle is simple: throw on a chunky jumper, and then layer another over the top, either knotting the sleeves around your neck or by carefully shoulder-robing it. That's it. Everything else—be it the jumper shape, the neckline, the thickness or the colours—is entirely up to you. But should you be in need of some visual inspiration, keep scrolling to see how to wear two jumpers at once.

Style Notes: Hannah's grey-on-grey combination, which she's paired with ecru jeans, black Converse trainers and a tan Loewe Puzzle bag is a minimalist's dream. 

Style Notes: Jessie changes up her look with two knits in similar shades to create the perfect tonal pileup. 

Style Notes: Tamu has always been a fan of to-to-toe colour dressing, but this cream ensemble has to be her coolest to date. 

Style Notes: Editor in Chief Hannah Almassi wore the double-jumper trend way back in February, pairing it a slip skirt and mules. 

Style Notes: Lindsey keeps her two-jumper look monochromatic, wearing a black knit draped over her classic grey crew neck. 

Style Notes: Who said you can't inject a bit of colour into the two-jumper look? Ellie gives the styling trick a new lease of life with her lilac knits. 

Style Notes: Brittany keeps her ensemble typically refined by knotting a rust-hues knit overtop a fresh cream iteration. 

How to Wear Two Jumpers: @vanessahong wears two grey jumpers



Style Notes: Most try this trend using crew-neck or roll-neck knitwear, but not Vanessa. Instead, she has opted for two grey v-neck sweaters—with a white T-shirt underneath to help keep the chill at bay. 

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