Is Tucking in Your Top Totally Over?

When two staffers of decree they're past the point of artful shirt-tucking and letting their tops hang loose instead, we pay attention. It all started with the French set many moons ago, where a button-down or jersey crew-neck would be partially pinched into a skinny jean waistband to louche effect. It helped elongate legs and added a Parisian vibe to proceedings. But now, it would appear that to tuck in would be to muck up in 2016. 

There are three potential reasons behind this styling shift:

1. Right now there's a movement towards comfort and a refined sloppiness—we've deemed it sofa-dressing, where joggers and hoodies have moved from your couch to the chic streets—so of course it makes sense to not be trussed up in waist belts or attempting to create a slimming fold on a super-thick sweatshirt.

2. Where you'd often need to hide away a long top under high-waisted trousers or skirts now there's an abundance of crop tops to play with, making extended hemlines redundant. 

3. Many tops now feature decorative or statement hems—so this once-upon-a-time forgotten area is now a focus point for fashion lovers who are partial to a frill, lace trim or asymmetric cut.

Click through the gallery to see un-tucked tops in action, plus some of our favourite styles to do it with…

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