The Stores Are Full of Summer Clothes—Here's How to Wear Them Already

Payday this month just so happens to fall within the same week that lots of stores experience hefty new drops of spring and summer goodies. You can see where we're going here, right? The only problem is that many of the gorgeous items hitting the rails feel like they need to be stored away for months until you can legitimately wear them: But we've pondered on this and come up with a series of solutions in order to buy now, wear now, and therefore feel very now. Below are some of our favourite new-in buys, plus the ways that you can make them work IRL. Scroll down to get five fast-track layering and styling tips…

1. Crop Tops

There's no reason you can't wear a crop top already. Invest in a lightweight knit to layer underneath (anything else and you'll be in bulky territory) then wear casually with straight jeans and sneakers. This piece will be adorable come holiday-time, but for now it's a very good nod to the season's ruffle, pastel and spaghetti-strap trends.

2. Pastel Dresses

If you, like us, are always on the hunt for one of those special dresses that works for every occasion (multiple weddings, a big interview, date night etc!) then don't look away now. Because of the demure high neck and long hemline on this frock, it can work all year round. The pretty pink hue puts it into spring, but throw in a slim, black roll neck, shoulder-robe a biker jacket, pop on some flats and you've got yourself a surprisingly casual April get-up.

3. Palazzo Pants

So wide-leg, long pants are a no-go at any point during the year if it's raining, but otherwise they're fair game. This summer-ready, striped pair are a perfect choice because of the black running through them—meaning you can pair them with heavier, wintry things now, like a chunky sweater. Knot a silk scarf around your neck to keep warm and wear soft flats to look Parisian.

4. Thigh-Slit Skirts

The ingenious thing about this particular skirt is the fact that you can button-up or unbutton according to the weather. Right now it'll be best to wear fully fastened with understated (read: not sassy) flats, a trench coat and a big bag for work days.

5. Statement Sandals

So you probably need a new pair of killer sandals, what with, you know, life kind of demanding them. The season's new open-toe shoes are often the first pieces to sell out, so it's wise to invest early. With the addition of some low-denier tights (fishnets in particular are making quite a comeback), you can balance out this bit of ankle and foot exposure with a warmer outfit up top: A knitted dress will do nicely.

Ready to get your S/S 16 on? Let us know in the comments box below, then see the midseason sales buys you shouldn't miss!

Opening Image: Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

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