How to Wear Ski Gear in the City

The ski season is often over way too soon and all you've got left is a longing for the log cabin's fireside sofas, a slight ache in your knees and quilted key pieces that are too cosy to archive. We hear you. Thanks to 2016's love of eclectic threads and wintery needs-must, you can legitimately wear that heavy duty snow gear in the city. We break down the code to getting it right without looking like you grand slammed into the wrong dress code.


Style du Monde

The memo is well and truly out that turtlenecks are the centrepiece to a layered look this season, so we won't patronise you with another 101 on how to wear them under dresses, etc. In short, get them worn now.

Padded ski jackets can be teamed with leather trousers, high-waisted jeans and premium jersey tops with ease. Let the cover-up hang off of one shoulder to reveal a slick composition of layers. Nice.

There's a case for using your snow goggles as a headband but this is not one for fashion's fainthearted. When the weather hits its extreme best, do wear your ski pants (by Chanel, Fendi, Lacroix, or Fuslap, no less) to win the war on the cold but team them with luxe leather ankle boots that balance out the hemline. Go for a ribbed knit top and boyfriend shearling or biker jacket to keep the look on the right side of urbane. Moon boots and snow gloves are the most approachable pieces to add to your usual January ensembles, so mix it up. 

Scroll down for a roundup of our favourite ski pieces, available to shop, ski, and style!

Do you feel relieved that you can get extra wear out of your snow apparel? Comment below!

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