How to Wear Shorts and Look Effortlessly Chic

How to wear shorts and look really good? It's not as hard these days as it once seemed. It'd be easy to save shorts solely for days at the beach, and yes, there was a time when shorts only fell within the remit of the seaside and festivals, but recently they’ve taken on a new identity—one that’s elegant, classic and most importantly, city-suitable and therefore work-appropriate.

Let’s be clear: it’s not about reclassifying shredded jean shorts as formalwear. That won't ever happen. It’s about looking at the alternatives designers and high street stores are offering, like tailored silhouettes, smart cuts, strong colours and luxe denim versions. Take those and then further elevate them with some styling nous, et voilá, you have yourself a very classy set of ways to get your pins out this summer. To find out how to make shorts chic and shop for some of the best, keep scrolling.