The Ultimate Nice Top Is Trending, and I Can't Get Enough of It

I'll be honest: The sheer top is one of the summer trends I feel a bit scared of. I mean, how do you wear it without feeling completely exposed? I'm all for wearing nothing underneath if that's how you want to do it (you just know the French will do this perfectly), but I need more coverage and support.

Thankfully, the sheer top isn't just about going for full-on sassiness. I've realised, thanks to the numerous Instagram styling experts, that there's a subtle art to wearing this top: It's how you layer this top, essentially, that matters. So who's making it work right now? María Bernad is a fan of wearing them under dungarees, Ada Oguntodu layers sheer tops under dresses and black bras, and then there's the easiest way of all: with jeans.

As for the kind of brands carrying the trend, who isn't stocking at least one sheer organza blouse? Zara has been all over the style, with the green blouse selling out almost immediately. Happily, there's a brilliant white one that's now available. But there are also other iterations of the sheer blouse, with Prada's feather-trimmed version and Maggie Marilyn's tied-waist blouse. Time to take a look at how to invest in this trend and style it to suit your wardrobe.

1. Sheer on Sheer



Style Notes: Ada has the smart idea of layering a dress over a blouse. Sheer on sheer.

2. A Sheer Blouse and White Jeans



Style Notes: The Dubai-based blogger and designer wears an oversized sheer blouse with white jeans. The best way to wear it if you're into modest fashion.

3. An Oversized Sheer Shirt and Swimwear



Style Notes: Oversized sheer shirts are brilliant for wearing on top of swimming costumes and bikinis.

4. A Sheer Blouse and Black Bra



Style Notes: Feeling adventurous? Do another classic Ada look by wearing a sheer top over a black bra. 


5. A Sheer Shirt and Dungarees



Style Notes: Who knew dungarees could look this fabulous? Wear a sheer shirt under a pair with chunky loafers. 

6. Sheer Detailing



Style Notes: Not keen on a full sheer top? Try sheer arms. Simple and elegant. 

7. A Sheer Blouse and Jeans



Style Notes: The easiest way to wear this look? With jeans, of course. Jessie Bush wears one from brand Aurore van Milhem. While her pink version is out of stock, there are plenty of other pretty blouses to choose from. 

8. Sheer Blouse With a Layer Underneath



Style Notes: Blogger Eni does the sheer polka-dot blouse with a white layer underneath. Pair with a pink bag for a pretty take on the trend.