The 2018 Way to Stack and Replenish Your Ring Collection

While the current trend for earrings is the bigger the better (a look we can't see slowing down for spring/summer 2018), rings have taken the opposite direction. Instead of bold cocktail pieces, the one major rule is that rings are delicate. However, this has left us in a bit of a fashion quandary: How do you wear rings and make them exciting when you can barely see them? Well, we have news for you, there are quite a few bloggers who have been showcasing their finery in inventive and fun ways. Whether that's stacking up threadbare rings or hunting down chic novelty pieces that are so much cooler than mood rings, there are five ways we advise you to wear your bands of gold this season. Keep scrolling to revamp your jewellery box with this quick guide on how to wear rings...

#1: The Ladylike Signet Ring



Style Notes: This ring sits somewhere in between a signet and a pinky. While it's still a bit chunky, it can still be dainty. Opt for one with a gem in the middle to keep it looking as fabulous as possible. 

#2: Threadbare Rings to Stack



Style Notes: We've long admired Lucy Williams's ability to layer necklaces but she's also got incredible taste when it comes to rings. She often opts for barely-there rings. These are not only great everyday outfits, they don't draw too much attention away from other pieces you might want to show off, whether it's an engagement ring or your favourite skirt. 

#3: Pops of Colour on Delicate Pieces



Style Notes: If you've given up on cocktail rings but are a little bored by the thought of just metal hues on your fingers, try a piece with a pop of colour in the middle. 

#4: Rings That Don't Meet in the Middle



Style Notes: For a more interesting piece of jewellery, look for rings that don't meet in the middle. J.W.Anderson is one of our current go-tos for this style. 

#5: Grown-Up Novelty Rings



Style Notes: Started by Alexa Chung, who is never seen without her yin and yang ring, this trend has been taken on by the likes of Charlotte Groeneveld of The Fashion Guitar. Now, it's about whatever fun shape takes your fancy. Be it a ghost, a snake, or, our favourite, a pineapple.

Pretty flashy but we'd be OK with that.