4 Ways to Wear Red Tights That Feel Surprisingly Low-Key

If you're simultaneously obsessed with the latest micro-trends and too intimidated to test them out, you've come to the right place. This is Ways to Wear, a monthly series where editor Eliza Huber offers a dose of outfit inspiration centered around current trends that feel intriguing yet overwhelming at the same time. Consider it your guide to actually wearing the coolest items of the moment, no matter how puzzling they might appear at first.

Anyone who's been keeping up with fashion month will back me when I say that the color red is impossible to escape. From the streets outside of shows to the collections presented at them, the bold shade has become practically synonymous with the fall/winter 2023 season. And while the handbags, heels, dresses, and more that have been dyed a bright-red hue of late are certainly tempting, there's one genre that's particularly intriguing: red hosiery. 

If you'd asked me six months ago if I'd be able to style red tights or socks with the contents of my wardrobe, I'd probably have scoffed in your face (sorry). But after lots of image research and hours of test-driving different outfit combinations, I came to the realization that the accessories in question weren't as intimidating as I initially thought. In fact, they're quite easy to incorporate into any outfit once you get the hang of them. 

To put to rest any red tights- or socks-related qualms or hesitations once and for all, I decided to document four ways I styled them for NYFW runway shows and casual office days alike. My prediction? Before long, red hosiery of all kinds won't just be ubiquitous during fashion month. It'll be everywhere, all the time. And I, for one, am absolutely here for it. 

Wearing: Khaite dress; Calzedonia tights; By Far heels; Prada bag; Linda Farrow Cara Oval Acetate Sunglasses ($359)

As much as I'd like to take all the credit for drafting this outfit, I actually got the inspiration from one posted by Sofie Ken, the co-founder of the Copenhagen-based brand Tour-Lava. Her look was one of the first really alluring takes on the red-tights trend that I saw, thus it quickly made its way onto a now very large mood board. I love the contrasting colors with the red and green, as well as the black color palette broken up by standout shades. For someone like me who's so used to wearing only neutrals, I couldn't get myself to jump straight into donning color with a ton of super-vibrant pieces and bright-red tights. This way, I could ease into it with pieces I was already comfortable with in my closet. 

Wearing: Zara Asymmetric Tunic ($129); Jimmy Choo boots; Prada bag; Linda Farrow Cara Oval Acetate Sunglasses ($359); Calzedonia tights; Jenny Bird Izabella Collar ($230)

So much for slowly integrating bolder shades into my wardrobe. Though my intentions were good at first, fashion week got a bit in the way, leading me to dive straight into the whole bright-colors thing with a red dress, matching red tights, and my go-to green bag. Though it's giving a mix of Christmas and the green and red apple emojis, I've grown quite fond of this color combo, especially in this outfit. The dress is super drapey and almost entirely see-through, so it was a perfect match for my red tights. (Tip: If you don't have proper no-show underwear to wear with a sheer dress, just wear tights that match it.) To balance out and elevate the look, I added silver jewelry and knee-high vintage Jimmy Choo boots. 

Wearing: Vintage jacket; Celine belt; Khaite skirt; Uniqlo socks; BY FAR heels; Prada bag

One thing I've learned from this styling experience is that sometimes the pieces that make the most significant impact on an outfit are the smallest ones. Case in point? My red Uniqlo socks and matching Celine belt, which I somehow didn't buy to go together despite them matching perfectly. Separately, both pieces are strong, but they pack the biggest punch when worn as a duo, pulling together this otherwise low-key, leather-jacket–and–denim-skirt look that I wore for a day at the office and a post-work, pre-NYFW event at Fashionphile. The final touch arrived in the form of golden-hour lighting inside the resale brand's westside office.

Wearing: Zara Fitted Crop Blazer ($70); Tibi jeans; Haus Label V-Neck Bodysuit ($198); Martiniano Glove Shoe ($470); Wolford Opaque Tights ($175); Prada bag; Linda Farrow Cara Oval Acetate Sunglasses ($359)

I knew all along that I wanted to wear at least one red-tights look that barely showed the actual tights but only gave a hint of them with movement, so when I invested in the sold-out Sid jeans from Tibi, I knew they were the perfect hiding place. With them, I added a pair of shiny Wolford tights, a matching red Haus Label bodysuit, black flats, and a cropped Zara blazer. I love the idea of wearing a statement item like red tights in a super casual, nonchalant way. It feels very "if you know, you know" vibes.

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The Wolford x Mugler collab was a thing of pure genius and not just because of this gorgeous pair of red tights, though they're certainly a selling point. 

Pair these with loafers, sneakers, or heels—it doesn't much matter. I promise, they'll look cool.