We've All Noticed This Is the Fashion-Girl Way to Wear Red Lipstick

Ask a group of friends what makeup product they can't live without, and nine times out of 10, they'll say mascara. Why? It enhances your natural lashes and gives that wide-eyed ("I'm not completely exhausted, honest") effect. But a new trend is emerging in the fashion world, and it calls for skipping mascara altogether. Fashion girls have taken to ditching their once-trusted mascara in favour of a bold red lip, and to be honest, I'm all here for it. Red lipstick instantly makes you look more put-together, more alive and 100 times chicer. Magic.

Although you'll find people all over the fashion industry who take this tack, one of the women in particular who inspired me to finally ditch my trusted Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara (which, let me tell you, takes a lot of effort) is ASOS insider Lesley. I asked her why she opts for lip makeup over eye products, and she told me she loves the way French women wear minimal makeup with strong lipstick. We're betting it's because it drives all the attention to the lips without looking too overdone.

Sounds like a win-win, right? Now you can wear bright, colourful clothing with your trusty red lipstick and won't even have to take off your stubborn mascara at the end of a night. Scroll to see some of my favourite red lip–no mascara looks, and then shop lipsticks you can try out over the bank holiday weekend.

I first spotted this trend on the beautiful TyLynn Nguyen and immediately went to re-create it that evening. TyLynn has long lashes (which could be down to genetics or a lash lift), but if you're not blessed with curl or length, try using a lash curler (I love this Kevyn Aucoin one) to add some drama to your eye area before applying a classic red.

If you're worried about your red lipstick lasting past lunchtime, opt for a liquid pigment instead. This Nars one quite literally doesn't budge. 

I love how Alyssa's brightened up this muted-toned outfit with her low-key red lip and nonexistent mascara.

Blot your red lipstick on with your finger for a more diffused look like Alyssa.

Okay, so we know this isn't a typical red shade, but ASOS Lesley proves that you can still try out a softer shade sans mascara and look fresh.

MAC's Powder Kiss lipstick feels incredible to apply as the hydrating formula is enriched with moisture-coated powder pigment. So while it feels soft to apply, the finish is matte. 

This look oozes glamour in a big way. 

MAC's Ruby Woo was the first ever red lipstick I bought, and I still use it to this day. Ensure yours doesn't blur over your lip line by using this lipstick-and–lip pencil duo. 

Worried your face won't look "done" without mascara? Wear darker colours so the focus is on the lip colour as well as whatever fabulous LBD you're wearing.

I love using Lipstick Queen's buildable lipsticks when I don't want full coverage, as you can apply as much—or as little—as you want over your lips.

Wear a liquid lipstick if you want to add dimension and a subtle sheen to your look like Lesley. 

This universally flattering shade is popular for a reason.

Up next, these are the seven products celebrities use for glowing skin.

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