This New Colour Trend Is a Little Gross, But It'll Go Viral in 2019

In 2019, new-in sections will be bombarded with 50 shades of green—olive, sage, pistachio, lime, neon, emerald, chartreuse and many more. One of the shades that the Instagram crowd is embracing, however, might give you flashbacks to a bad bout of norovirus. Whether you choose to call this colour puke or slime green, this shade is sickly, acidic and, if we're honest, just plain gross. 

If you're one to take on trends like they're playing a game of dares, layer this sickly hue with other greens from mossy shades to glow in the dark neons. But if you like to keep things more subtle, strictly stick to one green item, such as a pair of pumps, mini handbag or knit. And if you like to wear colours that look a tad healthier, we advise you stay with the other trending green of 2019, sage.

Whether you love or loathe this colour, it'll be sticking around for the next year. Keep scrolling to see how it's making its way into fashionable wardrobes.

Style Notes: María Bernad makes this colour look sophisticated, by opting for slimy tailored trousers with the epitome of chic—a Chanel bag. 

Style Notes: Alyssa clashes her sicky green jumper with a pair of bold minty  green trousers.

Style Notes: For total '90s vibes, pair acidic green trousers with a bandana top. 

Style Notes: Hanna Steffansson wears green head-to-toe, wearing her snot-green puffer coat with mossy trousers and a sage bag.

Style Notes: María Bernad pairs her puke-green handbag with a brighter, sharper green suit. 

Style Notes: Courtney Trop ticks off two divisive 2019 trends—cycling shorts and a hazardous shade of green.

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