Your Step-by-Step Guide to Wearing Pink and Looking Like a Chic Adult

Should a grown woman ever wear pink? Er, yes! Granted, certain pink items can be tricky to feel comfortable in when you reach your 30s. The hue usually associated with Barbie can still seem problematic, but there are 101 ways you can wear pink. It’s actually less about what style or shade the item is and about the way you style it.

The sugar-sweet trend is huge for S/S 17, and it's one we’re fully on board with. In fact, after a bleak winter, we’re looking forward to stepping away from black and embracing colour in its most fun form. So whether you opt for head-to-toe pink (it’s not as OTT as it sounds, we promise) or just touch on the trend with well-chosen candy-coloured accessories, here’s our guide on how to wear pink when you're a grown-up.

Keep reading to see our tips, and shop some of our favourite pink pieces…