You Won't Believe Which Colour Is Out-Trending Pink on Pinterest

Hannah Almassi

With the bounce of a new year—and spring/summer 2017's trends so close we can almost feel them—it's no wonder that Pinterest's stylish fashion community has turned their pinning focus to one of the easiest ways you can feel up to date without overhauling your entire wardrobe: colour.

A switch-up in one's palette can do wonders for even the most worn-out closet, and with the new season's colour wheel looking effervescent and bright, it's perhaps no surprise that Pinterest's Feel Good Hues board is going great guns. Who wants to wear dreary shades of black, navy and grey in this equally dreary weather?

So you may think that the general go-to for mood-enhancing colour therapy would result in lots of pink. Perhaps in 2016, even in 2015, that would have been the case, but this year, the cool crowd isn't that obvious. The rosy hue finally has some competition, and it comes in the form of a rather divisive option called orange.

Above all other cheery shades, orange has seen a 59% increase in board saves in the UK in comparison to this time last year. Could this be the end of Tumblr pink's long reign? Is it time for Pinterest orange? Keep reading to see some of the most popular looks, and then shop our favourite orange pieces below.


Style Notes: Shocking bright orange with blue denim? This combination appears more than once in the most repinned orange outfit lineup.


Style Notes: We called it a while back, stating that orange can look truly chic with a dash of mustard yellow and an injection of black.


Style Notes: If you're looking for a girl who does orange the best, it's Style Pantry's Folake Huntoon.


Style Notes: What did we tell you about bright orange and denim? Perfect partners.


Style Notes: Not to leave pink out of the equation entirely, but orange and dusky colours do pair up quite nicely come summertime.

Now shop our favourite orange pieces in the gallery below.

Opening Images: Sandra Semburg, Collage Vintage

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