Cult Buys Aren't Just for One Season—Here's How to Wear Them Again and Again

In 2003, according to the beloved teen classic, The Lizzie Maguire Movie, being an outfit repeater was the cardinal sin of fashion and being an outfit rememberer was "just as pathetic." Sixteen years later (whoa), I commit both "crimes" at least once a week, and, refreshingly, nobody cares. We, the people of fashion culture, have finally let go of that ridiculous notion. Instead, we celebrate our most beloved outfits and favourite pieces by wearing them as much as we like. Easy!

We've recently seen more and more influencers making a point of repeating outfits and posting about it on Instagram (rather than wearing something once, getting the likes and tossing that piece aside). Some influencers will even proudly credit a piece as "old" in their caption, shining a light on the fact that they are unafraid to repeat a look.

It's not just classic pieces that people are wearing on repeat; it's cult and trending pieces too. This shows that people are buying into the trends that they actually love rather buying into items solely for their popularity. If you love it, wear it over and over. Why not? With a bit of creativity and an attitude shift, re-wearing your favourite statement pieces can be entirely fabulous and push your style in a new direction.

Of course, it can be trickier to think of fresh ways to style louder pieces, but as always, that's where our Instagram community comes in with the inspiration. Keep scrolling to see how our favourite style stars are already leading the way and showing us how to wear cult pieces on repeat.




Style Notes: Nnenna is always pushing the boundaries with colours and prints, and this time she combines an A/W 18 cult buy (the ASOS suit) with a more recent one: that one Zara organza blouse.

Style Notes: To change up her look, Nnenna doesn't swap out the matching skirt for basic jeans. Instead, she takes it to an even more maximalist level with a yellow-and-white spotted silk skirt.




Style Notes: Ada's Topshop vinyl trench was high on our editor wish list this year, but we didn't realise how versatile it could be until we saw it pop up on her feed over and over.

Style Notes: Here, Ada swaps her daytime look for an evening one, pairing her trench with a satin slip dress and strappy heels. A classic styling move with a standout piece.




Style Notes: Monikh has barely taken off her Chanel velcro sandals since she bought them last year, and we love her for it. She's been a leader among influencers in her dedication to re-wearing her favourite pieces over and over.

Style Notes: Despite being a statement shoe, Monikh wears her sandals with everything: silk skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, jeans… and in different seasonal settings. She's a fab example that attitude makes all the difference.




Style Notes: Beaded bags were definitely a top cult buy last summer, and they haven't gone anywhere. Here, Bettina wears hers as beaded bag as one might expect: on a warm night out.

Style Notes: Despite traditionally being carried as an evening bag, Bettina has also worn hers in the daytime during the colder months, because why not?




Style Notes: When "green aesthetic" started trending on Pinterest last summer, our favourite influencers were quick to start wearing more green in their day-to-day looks.

Style Notes: But this year, we've seen people embracing the colour on an entirely new level. Rikke is wearing the same jumper a year later (flipped around), in a completely tonal look.




Style Notes: We noted the comeback of thin mesh tops at the start of the year, but Grece has been proving their versatility ever since.

Style Notes: From jeans and hoops to her favourite bright pink (old) Celine cords, Grece can pair this memorable top with anything and makes it work.




Style Notes: We can all agree this Topshop dress was the It dress of 2018. Even though it's a summer piece, we're already seeing it pop up again on our feeds, layered and styled in new and exciting ways for the colder months.

Style Notes: Eni has worn hers so many different ways, but we love when she rolled down the top and made it into a skirt. This cult piece is already popping up on our feeds again this spring. One of our readers even paired it with a neon roll-neck.

So before you give something away in your spring clear out (in fear you've worn it too many times), try shifting your perspective. Just because it's not a minimalist black tee doesn't mean you can't wear it over and over and just own the look.

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