Cult Buys Aren't Just for One Season—Here's How to Wear Them Again and Again

In 2003, according to the beloved teen classic The Lizzie Maguire Movie, being an outfit repeater was the cardinal sin of fashion, and being an outfit rememberer was "just as pathetic." Eighteen years later (whoa), I commit both "crimes" at least once a week, and, refreshingly, nobody cares. We, the people of fashion culture, have finally let go of that ridiculous notion. Instead, we celebrate our most beloved outfits and favourite pieces by wearing them as much as possible.

We've recently seen more and more influencers making a point of repeating outfits and posting about it on Instagram. This shouldn't be something to call out, but all too often, influencers wear something once, get the likes, and toss that piece aside. However, that certainly isn't everyone. Some influencers will proudly credit a piece as "old" in their caption, shining a light on the fact that they are unafraid to repeat a look.

It's not just classic pieces that people are wearing on repeat—it's cult and trending pieces, too. This shows that people are buying into the trends that they actually love rather buying into items solely for their popularity. If you love it, wear it over and over and over. Why would you not? With a bit of creativity, styling tricks, and an attitude shift, rewearing your favourite statement pieces can be entirely fabulous and push your style in a new direction. We believe you should buy items to wear them as much as you can.

It can be trickier to think of fresh ways to style louder pieces, but as always, that's where our Instagram community comes in with the inspiration. Keep scrolling to see how some of our go-to style stars are showing us how to wear cult pieces in several different ways.

How To Wear Old Clothes: Saks Potts Statement Coat



Style Notes: Vintage-inspired statement coats have been having a moment in the spotlight for the past couple winters thanks to brands like Saks Potts, House of Sunny, and Stand. Since they are such a standout piece, they are easily styled with jeans, a basic jumper, and boots.

Style Notes: You won't be judged for wanting to keep your statement coat on, even when indoors. 

How To Wear Old Clothes: Chunky Chelsea Boots



Style Notes: Track-sole boots have risen in popularity this year, perhaps an extension of the dad-sandal trend you'll see below.

Style Notes: We love seeing the versatility of these boots, not just as faithful winter shoe companions, but also paired with flowy dresses and silk skirts.

How To Wear Old Clothes: Printed mini skirt



Style Notes: Miniskirts may have generally fallen out of favour to midi hemlines these last few seasons, but for 2021, they're very much back on the fashion agenda. And if you ask us (and Eni), the more stand-out, the better. 

Style Notes: We love how Eni takes the "more is more" approach with her already bold mini by pairing it with equally statement separates in various hues. 

How To Wear Old Clothes: Ganni Green Checked Dress



Style Notes: This Ganni neon green check dress went absolutely viral. The smocking detail and ruffled hem made it extra unique. But just because it's a niche look doesn't mean it's a one-hit wonder.

Style Notes: We love seeing the different ways Zeena's worn hers, including the classic trick of layering a T-shirt underneath and swapping her sandals for easy trainers. For winter, try layering a roll-neck under your bright and breezy dresses. Then, finish with a pair of boots. 

How To Wear Old Clothes: Orange LouLou Studio Jumper



Style Notes: Monikh has barely taken off this zingy LouLou Studio knit since she got it, and for good reason. Ideal for lounging in, the bright hue will instantly elevate your casual outfits. 

Style Notes: Monikh wore it with a variety of trousers and skirts last year, and we expect to see her continue to do so as we go further into 2021. 

How To Wear Old Clothes: Pearl Beaded Bag



Style Notes: Beaded bags were definitely a top cult buy last summer, and while they may have been less useful this year, rest assured they'll be just as popular when your social life resumes. Here, Bettina wears her beaded bag as one might expect: on a night out. How lovely. 

Style Notes: Despite it traditionally being carried as an evening bag, Bettina has also worn hers in the daytime during the colder months—because why not?

How To Wear Old Clothes: Sheer Mesh Tops



Style Notes: We noted the comeback of thin mesh tops in 2020, and Grece has been proving their versatility ever since.

Style Notes: From jeans and hoops to her favourite bright pink (old) Celine cords, Grece can pair this memorable top with anything and make it work.

So before you give something away in your 2021 spring clear out in fear you've worn it too many times, try shifting your perspective. Just because it's not a minimalist black tee doesn't mean you can't wear it over and over and just own the look.

This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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