5 Tips on Wearing Linen and Not Feeling Like the Man From Del Monte

Most of us will have had an unfortunate run-in with linen before—it looks all beautiful and inviting when it's hanging on a rail, but after an hour in the wild (aka normal life), it looks like a crumpled mess. A crumpled mess with creases that never seem to press out ever again no matter how many times you steam your iron or go over it again and again.

Linen is a notoriously tricky fabric for retailers for this very reason, but this season, the fashion buyers are going back to it like it's an ex promising it has changed. But has it really? When it comes to summer dressing this year, it's all about raw, natural fabrics and beachy accessories. If you wear head-to-toe linen to a wedding, you might still find it stressful, but if you wear it correctly, linen doesn't have to be a crinkly nightmare. Keep scrolling to see our five tips for how to wear linen this summer.