The 2018 Take on Wearing Leather Trousers

If you think leather trousers are reserved purely for the air guitar renegades of the fashion world, or for those who like to raise eyebrows with skin-tight textures worthy of a Gareth Pugh after-show soirée, think again. Not only has the leather trouser evolved far beyond the airbrush-look versions of the late '90s, but the cutting-edge way to wear them now is with polished key pieces and decidedly laid-back tailoring. Not a single outmoded rock 'n' roll ballad in earshot. Phew!

We've cut to the crème de la crème of leading ladies who have completely nailed the fashion formula for outfits that hinge on leather trews. Click through for a six future-proof, inspiring ways to incorporate the various styles of leather trousers now.