How Influencers Are Wearing Last Year’s Cult Items in 2019

We lost count of the number of last year's cult items: Ganni's checked midi, Loewe's basket bag, Topshop's pinafore dress… It felt like every week, there was a new sellout gem tempting us, and their mass appeal is a testament to the prestigious skill of high-street and high-end designers. However, the risk with these viral success stories is that they can become a one-hit wonder, worn for a month or two and then banished to the back of your wardrobe.

Thankfully, thanks to the increasing noise around sustainability, it seems as though influencers are starting to challenge this throwaway attitude, not only by rewearing pieces but also by posting themselves in the same item over 12 months later. This might not sound like a big deal to you and I, but for people whose job it is to pave the way for fashion newness, it's a pretty bold statement.

There are four past trends in particular we've noticed cropping up on Instagram this summer—items that were everywhere last year but are being brought out and restyled for the new season. From Wood Grey's wicker tote to Ghost's printed Ayla dress, scroll down to see the 2018 cult items that are still getting plenty of love from the fashion crowd. Now that's what we call good shelf life.

Wood Grey's Wicker Bag

THEN: Printed Shorts + White Tee

NOW: Tiered Dress + Chunky Sandals

Realisation Par's Naomi Slip Skirt

THEN: White Tee + Shell Jewellery

NOW: Button-Up Top + Veja Trainers

Chanel Espadrilles

THEN: Linen Dress + White Tee

NOW: City Shorts + Blazer

Ghost's Ayla Midi Dress

THEN: Cord Blazer + Velvet Bag

NOW: Pendant Necklace + Strappy Heels

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