Fashion Girls Are Wearing This Unlikely Item on Repeat Right Now

Jogging bottoms have long been considered, for the lack of a better word, scruffy—something you'd only don when in the house, making a quick dash to the supermarket, or grabbing a green juice post-workout. But now that's all changed. 

Lately, we've seen so many of our favourite dressers wearing jogging bottoms to seriously chic avail. Yes, really. How? Well, there seems to be a common denominator: They've all opted for classic or neutral tones. Think black, navy, camel, cream and grey. A well-chosen coat and cool footwear also go a long way to making the humble jogger look impossibly refined, as does a gold chain necklace (so 2020). 

If you too are feeling fatigued of your denim but don't want to risk freezing by stepping out in a skirt or dress, we think jogging bottoms, worn in the style of those found below, will be the answer to your sartorial prayers. Keep scrolling to see how to wear jogging bottoms like a fashion girl, then proceed to shop our favourite pairs below. 

Jeanette pairs her grey jogging bottoms with a matching sweater and on-trend thick-tread boots. 

Aimee tucks her joggers into a pair of fierce pointed-toe boots. 

Hannah ensures her jogging bottoms look premium by wearing them with a muted palette. 

Mette takes the tonal approach my matching the rest of her ensemble to her grey cuffed joggers. 

Lauren takes the high-fashion approach, styling her jogging bottoms with a vinyl coat and white heels. 

Monikh practically lives in her Isabel Marant jogging bottoms. 

Natasha proves that joggers look impossibly slick when paired with black separates and accessories. 

Marie makes a case for the atheleisure trend with her chunky metallic trainers and grey two-piece. 

Pair your joggers with luxe borg textures for a premium feel, much like Christie. 

Stacey elevates her cream jogging bottoms with a faux-fur leopard coat. 


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