9 Outfits That Prove High-Waisted Jeans Are the Most Flattering

High-waisted jeans have a bad—and may we say unfair—reputation. While they are comfortable (when made with a small percentage of magical elastane), the main issue people have with them is that—real talk—they make your butt look bigger. First, there's nothing wrong with that, and second, it's not entirely true. While jeans of the high-waisted variety definitely accentuate the derrière, they do so in the most tasteful of ways. Of course, though, like any tricky trend, it's all about how you wear it. 

As jeans are a constant in any fashion lover's wardrobe, we scoured the best street style pictures to prove just how wearable this much-maligned denim piece is. From pairing with a simple graphic tee and trench to a more tailored approach, there are plenty of high-waisted jean ensembles that will prove this is easily the most flattering shape out there. Click through our gallery for nine incredible looks, and find out where to shop our favourite high-waisted jeans right now.