How Zara, Gucci and Co. Think You Should Wear Floral Print

Floral print in spring: It's about as reliable as day following night. Every time this season pulls up, the fashion collective regroups, reevaluates and rethinks flower motifs for the new moment. Some years they are big and splashy,  other years graphic or ditsy, and sometimes it's not just about the print but the way you wear it—like now. How to wear florals in 2016? Well, while dissecting the current verdant and varied offerings in stores today, we noticed the style memo is as follows: Wear two florals together at all times.

Whether that's matching your bag to your dress (see Alexander McQueen pre-fall), combining two entirely different petal patterns as a head-to-toe ensemble (Zara is maxing out on this) or pairing up a corsage with a printed blouse (think Gucci all the way), the way to make your spring flowers look fresh is to pair them up. Scroll down to see and shop the looks and pieces you can employ to give the new floral rules a go…


Zara Printed Blouse (£30) and Floral Print Trousers (£40)

Style Notes: You can now wear winter's black-based florals with summer's white-based florals according to Zara. Keep them lightweight and floaty wherever possible.

Coach Pre-Fall 2016



Style Notes: Double-up on the micro blooms for a big effect: Coach's sporty shapes make this girlish print just as approachable for tomboys.

Street Style


Pandora Sykes

Style Notes: Pandora's embroidered velvet skirt suit from Alice Archer is sumptuous—but add in boots and a black top, and suddenly it's a good option for work.

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2016


Style Notes: Coordinating a handbag to a dress is an old-fashioned idea, but McQueen's play of texture and pattern makes it completely directional.

Street Style


Style du Monde

Style Notes: Susanna Lau of Style Bubble takes this idea two steps further with a total of four different floral prints. Well, why not?




H&M Off-The-Shoulder Blouse (£30) and Patterned Chiffon Trousers (£40)

Style Notes: Choosing a pair of pieces in the same print is a great tip for petite girls—this will elongate your body despite a head-to-toe line-up of jazzy blooms.

Pluck your favourite from our top floral pieces in the gallery below.

How do you want to do this trend? Let us know in the comments box below.

Opening Image: Zara

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